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     March 13, 2011

Murray's Clearance Center

What’s next?

To the editor:
     I moved to The Dalles two years ago because my wife has family here, and I wanted the peace and serenity that I thought The Dalles had to offer. On March 3, that dream was taken away by a ridiculous set of circumstances.
     My wife and I live in a two bedroom home, and are raising our 13-year-old grandson. The front of our home has an entrance that leads to the basement. We use our basement as a family entertainment area.
     This entrance slopes from the sidewalk down to our basement door. At the base of the door is a two-inch drain. This is all that protects our basement from flooding during the rainy season, and any accumulation of snow during winter.
     We put up a carport canopy over this area to help alleviate any water from running down our basement entrance. On March 3, a gentleman from the city planning commission just happened to be walking by our residence, and informed me that our canopy had to be removed due to city ordinance.
     This canopy is a manufactured system with a white, heavy-duty tarp over a metal frame. The next day I went to the city planning commission to plead my case, and was astonished at what I was told, even though I explained it was to protect from flooding our basement.
     I was then informed that I could file for a variance that would cost $385, and would most certainly be denied.
     Their other option was to have a plumber install a pump system, which would cost a substantial amount of money. I would also have to pay for a permit required by The City of The Dalles to have this system installed.
     I’m 61 years old and live on a limited budget. To me, the simple and least expensive solution to this ridiculous situation is the canopy that I have in place, rather than having my basement flood, and then have to deal with property and structural damages. Is The City of The Dalles in such dire need of money that this type of ridiculous scenario is allowed? What will be banned next?
     Are we going to be told if we have a garden or when we can mow our lawns? What has happened to the citizens’ vote on these issues?
David Brown
The Dalles

Fear of GOP

To the editor:
     Yeah, the only thing voters and hardworking Oregonians in the Mid Columbia region need to fear is Greg Walden R-Ore. and the Republican leadership, cultural hatred and divisive politics which are detrimental to a healthy Oregon and America.
Phillip McCullough

Great volunteers

To the editor:
     Recently I attended a fundraising event that benefitted the SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) Program in The Dalles.
     Our community is lucky to have many wonderful volunteers for many worthy programs, including the SMART volunteers who read and share books weekly with local students.
     The local “volunteer” SMART Program truly benefitted from two generous and hard-working individuals that made the SMART fundraising event happen.
Michon Bailey-Silaphath and Mike Wacker did an excellent job of organizing the SMART fundraiser.
     This event, “A Taste for Literacy,” was held at Sunshine Mill, a welcoming and comfortable venue for which The Dalles community can also be very proud.
Local foods, beverages and music were featured. Michon and Mike’s time and efforts in putting this event together directly benefits our local early literacy program, SMART.
Michon and Mike, you did such a great job on this event. You both deserve a big thank you. The children of our community will benefit from your efforts.
     The Dalles community is fortunate to have people like Michon and Mike, who volunteer time and effort in programs that benefit children. Michon and Mike: Well done!
Maylee Hattenhauer
The Dalles

Time for truth

To the editor:
     There is an organization formed last year that has successfully pressured the Pope to tell the truth that the Jewish people were not responsible for the death of Jesus.
     They claim this was just one of many distortions of the teachings of Jesus that claim the church has been teaching for the past 1,600 years, and they have documents to prove it.
     This organization, Time For Truth Foundation, is going to have a major impact on Christianity before they are through.
     Their information is amazing. There Website is www.timefortruthfoundation.com.
Barbra Bell

What a joke

To the editor:
     Here’s a joke making the rounds that I reworked a bit, to punch it up and make a larger point: A working-class union member, a middle-class Tea Party member & an upper class CEO approach a platter piled high with delicious cookies. Recognizing a golden opportunity, the CEO quickly snatches up every cookie save one, pushing them all into his giant maw. Pointing with his chin, cookie crumbs trickling down out of his mouth, he warns the Tea Party member, “Watch out! That union guy is angling after the one I dropped!”
Dave Rawson
The Dalles




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Suby Man
Gorge Garden Center
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